All About "ME"


My name is Riaan Steyn.

I am...........dedicated, strong willed, emotional and well a human. Even though we all have our own traits and personalities, we all like pretty things. And ME, I like to design those pretty things will all the skill and knowledge I have. If I'm requested to design a certain feel or element, I put myself to the test and push myself to try new and different techniques to make sure the correct and required look is achieved.

Something we don't always give away is our weak point, and well mine is the fact that I get easily distracted. Not always a bad thing, cause this normally lends towards me spending more time on a project checking out the finer details. Even with all the distractions I always get my work done within the deadline, even if that means working late night and after everyone else already left the office. Sometimes it is relaxing sitting in the silence, because then its just me, my computer and my designs.

The thing I'm most passionate about is family. they inspire you to always better yourself, aim for that little extra at the top. I must admit, I have a big family. Every company I have worked in, we grew close and always supported one another no matter the occasion and in the process becoming not just colleagues but family.